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Frequently Asked Questions

Verolock cloud based access control gives you ease of use, features and solid reliability without having to deploy access control management systems at your sites. Every aspect of your access control can be administered from the Internet using the web-based management console. Cloud based systems are particularly well suited to the multi-location enterprise. Our cloud-based systems make it easy to deploy fully integrated access control worldwide using a single credential per employee. There is no lower or upper limit to the number of doors and credentials that can be managed. Manage two doors or twenty thousand; all using the same web-based interface. We even have an encrypted Active Directory interface and API.

The VeroLock cloud system software was designed to integrate perfectly with HID products. Adding and removing users only takes seconds using the simple intuitive interface. HID Vertx controllers continue to operate even if the Internet is unavailable. Transactions are locally buffered in the controllers and uploaded to the cloud when the Internet is restored. The software tracks every time a door is opened and has a built-in report tool. Transactions can be downloaded for use in Excel or any application of your choice. The software can send email and or text event notifications. The system can also track time and attendance. The VeroLock cloud system is flexible and scalable.

VeroLock enterprise software is deployed at a client site on Windows Server OS as a Windows Service. It requires a local, or network, instance of Microsoft SQL Server. The enterprise software is licensed per-port. Normally a door and reader are a single port. The software can be interfaced with local systems using the VeroLock API, SQL Server and or VeroLock interface modules. For example, we have an Active Directory module to allow AD to temporarily or permanently disable a user's credentials.

VeroLock enterprise software integrates perfectly with HID products. Transaction data is decoded and saved in SQL Server. The data can be read by any customer provides application in addition to the VeroLock reporting and alerting tools.

VeroLock Lite supports a maximum of two doors and 99 users. It runs on any Windows computer and is used to manage users on the two doors it supports. User permissions can follow a time and day of week schedule. Transaction history is written to a local file that can be read by Excel or any program that can read comma separated values.

VeroLock Lite is free. It is a great way to get started with simple reliable door access control. VeroLock Lite software only needs to be run when a change to the user file is required. A VeroLock Lite installation can be migrated to cloud based VeroLock without any changes to customer hardware. You simply sign up for the lite service and we do the migration for you. VeroLux Lite installations are automatically backed up to the cloud after each programming change free of charge.